Infraderm 11300 High Frequency Machine

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The Equipro Infraderm 11300 high-frequency machine offers the newest and best in thermal therapy. Using electrodes that generate electricity through a rapid oscillation process, this high-frequency machine allows you to deliver high-frequency signals to targeted zones on the face and neck to achieve a wide range of benefits. High-frequency facial machines are known to enhance blood circulation, encourage lymphatic drainage, increase collagen and improve skin appearance. The Equipro Infraderm 11300 includes precision intensity controls to customize treatments to each individual client's needs. It includes three electrodes: one large mushroom (violet), one small mushroom (pink) and one indirect massage electrode . Most standard high-frequency treatments take only minutes.



  • • compact model
  • • precise intensity adjustment control
  • • 3 electrodes included: 1 large mushroom violet, 1 small mushroom pink, 1 indirect massage
  • • integrated holes for electrodes
  • • handle with retractable and coiled wire for better mobility