Opti•Vizion HD 30X

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Many specialized treatments performed each year require optimum accuracy, especially during electrolysis hair removal and micro-aesthetic care. The unique Opti•Vizion HD System is designed to offer modern beauty professionals much needed precision, comfort and productivity.

Clear Vision
Time and time again during your career as a beauty professional, you have certainly experienced situations that required a more precise, magnified vision. Whether you are removing hair with electrolysis or coagulating various skin imperfections, the Opti•Vizion HD System will magnify the treated area up to 30 times. The smallest details and the finest structures will be clearly visible enabling you to raise the quality of your work and to stand out from the competition.

Ideal Posture
Considering how much time you spend in your institute, having the right tools can make working long hours a little easier to manage. The new Opti•Vizion HD System enables you to look straight forward instead of down which instantly removes the strain on your neck muscles and provides much necessary lumbar support. With the Opti•Vizion HD you will be able to focus on your work and not be distracted by pesky back and neck pain.

- Better accuracy in execution
- Improved quality of insertions
- Ergonomic positioning
- Optimal comfort for the professionals and their clients

- Ideal working distance thanks to a set of integrated lenses and zoom
- Magnification up to 30× (120 D) with auto-focus
- Increased sharpness
- Automatically adapts to ambient lighting
- Automatic focal control