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Lipidic and acne-prone skin require very special care. Action de Gala will introduce Pur, a new purifying serum specially created for these skin types. This more advanced formula replaces the older version of the de Gala purifying serum. It contains extracts of grapefruit, cartinine, burdock root, silk protein hydrolysate, and vitamins A and E, which regulate sebaceous secretions, reduce acne and fight free radicals. Also, it purifies the skin, diminishes inflammation, and produces an antibacterial, moisturizing and astringent effect. Pur will allow you to pay special attention to your clientele with lipidic skin and will guarantee their well-being and happiness!

Pump 50 ml (1.7 fl oz)

Skin Type

Normal skin with lipidic and acne-prone condition. Face.

Main Active Ingredients

  • Grapefruit Extract: Refreshing, stimulating, antioxidant, anti-radical.
  • Extract of Serenoa: mattifying and normalizing properties
  • Carnitine: Active ingredient that accelerates catabolism, a cellular reaction that breaks down fatty acids. It is a carrier involved in the transformation of fatty acids into energy inside mitochondria, thereby preventing sebum accumulations around the follicle.
  • Burdock extract: Botanical extract, the core component of this serum’s purifying action. Also antibacterial and indispensable to restore normal sebaceous secretions. Indicated for papules and dermatosis.
  • Argan oil: Highly moisturizing, antioxidant and regenerative properties.
  • Sesame oil: regenerating, softening and antioxidant properties
  • Vitamins A, E: Antioxidant, anti-wrinkle, lightening, regenerating free-radical fighters.
  • Hydrolyzed silk protein: natural fibers are secreted by the silkworm bringing softness and suppleness to the skin.
  • Paraben free


This formula is designed to help problem skin recover a normal sebaceous balance.


Apply locally or on the entire face and neck until completely absorbed. Specially designed for intra-epidermal injection (see Vital•O2 manual). Positive ionization.

Apply locally or on the entire face and neck morning and evening. Allow to penetrate until complete absorption.

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