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3 in 1 Micellar Water

Pump 175 ml (5.9 fl. oz.) or 500 ml (17.5 fl. oz.)

Micellar water from the Action de Gala line is a delicate makeup remover with soothing and refreshing properties. Specially formulated with blueberry floral water and micelles, it eliminates all fatty substances, impurities, particulates and traces of makeup on the face, eyes and lips. It creates a sensation of freshness and cleanliness. Since it doesn’t contain any perfumes or paraben, it is suitable for all types of skins, even the most sensitive ones. It replaces cleansing milk, tonic lotion and eye makeup remover, in addition to providing a more gentle option than facial pre-epilation lotions.
*Its use is not recommended for false eyelashes.
Skin Type

All skin types, even the most sensitives. Its use is not recommended for false eyelashes. Face.
Main Active Ingredients

• Blueberry floral water: moisturizing, decongestive, refreshing, soothing,
immediate radiance boost.
• PEG-6 CAPRILIC/CAPRIC GLYCERIDES: micelles that remove impurities
and makeup while maintaining the skin balance.
• Fragrance free, paraben free.
Micellar water is a liquid composed of water and micelles, i.e. microscopic phospholipids that behave
as oil. These are partly hydrophilic and partly hydrophobic; they have the ability to bind to impurities
and dust particulates. Micell is ideal to cleanse the skin and remove makeup. It creates a sensation of
freshness just as water and is appropriate for almost any skin type, even the most sensitive ones. Soak a
cold compress with micellar water and clean the face in order to remove impurities or makeup. This is a
3 in 1 formula that replaces cleanser, lotion, and eye makeup remover.
Salon and Home
• Soak a cotton pad with Micellar water by pressing on the pump. Eliminate all impurities
and traces of makeup on the face, eyes and lips.
• Apply on gauzes on the eyes for a decongestive effect.
• No rinsing required.
• Convenient when travelling.

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