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This dazzling night cream with 5% concentrated glycolic acid allows to exfoliate the skin softly and to stimulate continuously the cellular renewal. Its pleasant tensor effect is due to the dipeptide-1 acetyl. Hydrating, anti-wrinkle, smoothing and rejuvenating. Its fragrance of passion fruit and lavender ravishes all skin types. Paraben free.

Pump 50ml (1.7 fl oz)

Skin Type

All skin types. Face.

Main Active Ingredients

• Glycolic acid 5%: gently exfoliates the skin and continuously stimulates cell regeneration.
• Olive oil: regenerating and calming
• Acétyl dipeptide-1: tightening effect
• Arginine: amino acid that helps cell regeneration
• pH: 3.7 (lower the pH is, more powerful the glycolic acid is)
• Paraben free


Night cream with exfoliating properties that continuously stimulates cell regeneration.
It maintains skin moisture and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. It has a radiance,
antiwrinkle and smoothing effect. It’s rich and velvety texture provides comfort and suppleness
to the skin during the night.


At night, apply a small amount on the entire face and neck until it is completely absorbed. It is normal to
feel a light tingling during the application.


Never apply as a day cream. Avoid contact with eyes. Before sun exposure, it is recommended to apply
sunscreen on the areas where the product containing AHA was applied.