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Apilus Junior 3G

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The Apilus Junior 3G offers to the electrologist, in exemplary simplicity of use, the popular Flash and OmniBlend techniques as well as efficient and gentle treatments worthy of the Apilus brand. Undoubtedly, this introductory model will let you perform quality permanent hair removal in the most convenient way.

13.56 MHz
Apilus 3G technology emits a perfectly stable 13.56 MHz radio frequency. It adapts to the variable impedance of the human body while delivering the appropriate amount of energy in order to achieve safe and gentle 100% permanent hair removal on all skin and hair types.

Thermolysis: Flash
Blend: OmniBlend

Post-treatment / Beauty Care

512 programs classified by modality, body area, hair type and probe type (insulated or non-insulated) allowing an unparalleled efficiency and ease of use.

Other Features
Tolerance test
Skin moisture sensor
Pedal-free operating mode
Insertion counter that compiles the number of treated hairs and cumulative treatment time
Meso-ionization function for specialized beauty treatments


  • Thermolysis

  • Flash

  • Blend

  • OmniBlend

  • Electrolysis


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