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Bio Cellulose Mask Face Biolift is a ground-breaking innovation in the world of facial skin care. This exclusive product deeply hydrates the skin making it smoother, firmer and perfectly restructured. Thanks to its Tri Dimensional Nano Structure, this biocellulose mask is a perfect combination of comfort and performance. It adapts perfectly to all facial contours, thus optimizing the penetration of the active ingredients. For all skin types. Paraben free.

Mask (1 unit)

 Skin Type

All skin types. Face.

Main Active Ingredients

• Bio-cellulose: a membrane derived exclusively from plant bacteria. Its key ingredients effectively
penetrate the epidermis layers.
• Alpha- Arbutine: glucose-derived and made from the extracts of bearberry leaves, cranberries,
blueberries and most types of pears, is known for its whitening properties that help prevent the
appearance of spots. By preventing the enzymatic oxidation of tyrosine and dopa it inhibits the
production of melanine.
• Allantoin: made from root extracts and comfrey, is an ingredient that enhances the ability of corneocytes
to retain water and strengthens the protective barrier of the skin. Its keratolytic effect encourages
exfoliation of dry skin cells. Also, it promotes natural skin cell regeneration and presents
special anti-irritant properties.
• Niacinamide (Vitamin B3): water-soluble vitamin, precursor to NAD and to NADP, which plays
essential metabolic roles in carbohydrates, lipids and proteins.
• Paraben free


This skin care mask offers the ultimate experience in relaxation and well-being. Your skin will feel smoother,
firmer and perfectly rejuvenated. Your face will be totally hydrated. Its ingredients penetrate the skin,
even down to the most minute creases, making it possible to treat with precision even sensitive areas.


Wash face and pat skin dry. Open the product package, unfold the mask and retrieve the top plastic
sheet. Apply the mask over the face and remove the second plastic sheet. Leave the mask on for 20
minutes. Remove the mask and allow all excess serum to penetrate the skin by massaging it over the
entire face.