Why Use the 27.12 MHz Frequency?

Dec 12th 2017

Why Use the 27.12 MHz Frequency?

Over the years, manufacturers of electrolysis devices used several different frequencies to generate the heat effect. But over the past decade, it is the 27 MHz radio frequency that has been established as the reference in the permanent hair removal market, available in the Apilus xCell Pro and Apilus xCell Pur.

The main advantage of this frequency is the ultra fast change of polarity, from positive to negative, represented by its 27 million cycles (Hertz) per second. The ultra fast polarity coagulates tissues 2 times faster than conventional hair removal devices at 13,56 MHz, and 5 times faster than those at 5 MHz. This speed allows extremely fast application times, making the treatment much more comfortable.

Moreover, extensive research shows that at 27 MHz, the destruction zone is concentrated closer to the probe, where germ cells are located. Since the neighboring tissue is not affected by heat, the comfort is unparalleled. At 5 MHz, a larger model of heat is produced and causes the heat to spread deeper into the dermis, causing more irritation and discomfort.

Another technical explanation is the fact that the 27 MHz frequency allows for a better absorption of the power by the water molecules contained in the follicle. It then takes less power at a frequency of 27 M Hz to perform a hair removal treatment than it would take at a lesser frequency. With the same amount of power, the 27 M Hz signal is then applied for a shorter period of time, which increases the level of comfort for the client.

What's your frequency?

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