Libra I

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Libra I. Handy and simple treatment bed. Ideal for small budgets requesting quality materials. Fixed height and comes with a high-density white mattress and a lever controlled backrest. Supports up to 136kg (300lbs)

Technical Specifications

- Treatment table with lever-controlled backrest. 

- Fixed height. 

- White high-density flat mattress. 

- White base with maximum clearance for the professional’s feet and knees.

- Supports up to 136kg (300lbs).

- Various options available.


Options (available in Treatment Table Accessories category)


Standard colored leatherette.


- Porsche quality leatherette, soft touch. 


- Removable armrests with safety straps.

- Facial opening.


- Magnifying lamp holder in chrome or white.


- Silver frame.

- Paper holder.


- U-shaped headrest, fittings included.


- Headrest, fitting included.