Telesta 300 ** comes standard in white, additional colors available at an additional cost**


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Sturdy and ergonomic stool. Height and backrest hydraulic control. High-density round seat. Backrest included. High quality material. White leatherette. Colored leatherette available in option. Various options available. Supports up to 136kg (300lbs)

Technical Specifications

- Stool with hand-activated hydraulic cylinder height control.

- Supports up to 136kg (300lbs).

- White round seat and black base.

- White lumbar-support backrest with hydraulic cylinder tilt adjustment.

- Manual backrest height adjustment.


- Saddle-shaped high-density seat

- Anatomically-shaped seat

- Lumbar-support backrest

- Non Marking urethane casters

- Colored leatherette or Soft touch - Porsche style leatherette